• The time to participate to receive valid quotes is from 00:00 11.1.2022 to 23:59 on 1.15.2023.
  • TDuring the promotion period, every week TMT Insurance will hold a Livestream to announce the results.
  • Each winning code is only allowed to participate 1 time in Livestream.
  • Winning customers will receive a confirmation message from TMT Insurance within 48 hours after the Livestream and be contacted by our Customer Care department within 03 days of receiving the confirmation notice.
  • Winning customers should present their personal papers, Email with prize code sent from email of TMT Insurance, Message of winning confirmation sent from number 832.770.9972 of TMT Insurance.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Any non-compliance with regulations, or abuse of the program’s powers to damage the interests and image of TMT Insurance will result in the termination of the participant’s benefits.
  • Any act of accidentally or intentionally using 3rd party software, declaring false information, affecting TMT Insurance’s system is considered fraud.
  • TMT Insurance reserves the right to withdraw prizes in cases of proven fraud or abuse of the program for personal gain.
  • Participating customers must complete the prescribed steps.
  • Customers participating in the program need to read and understand the rules of participation, agree to and abide by these rules.
  • With the consent of the Customer, your information may be used for customer care activities, marketing and advertising activities of TMT Insurance.